Soulfire Woman

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Soulfire Woman publishes on November 12, 2019. Pre-order your copy now and you will receive a first edition, signed by Dyanne, as soon as the book releases in November. 

'You are not your story. You are what you do with your story. And so much more.'

Soulfire Woman speaks to every woman who has felt her authentic self–the person she was meant to be–hijacked by rules, roles, obligations, relationships, divorce or past trauma. Author Dyanne Kelley’s hope in sharing her journey is for women to use what she knows to be true, to heal right along with her, and step into their own power. She wishes for you to be who you were always meant to be, a Soulfire Woman.

As a Soulfire Woman writer, speaker, coach, psychotherapist, and with a dash of midlife humor, Dyanne connects you to the deepest, wisest part of yourself for lasting change, to your own true nature, your divine feminine power. Dyanne blogs about travel, midlife, feminine power and the lessons she’s learned from walking her Australian Shepherd, Penelope, on the beach.  With over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, Dyanne guided and coached others in emotional self-healing at a transformational level. Through these experiences and through her own midlife healing journey she discovered women have their own distinct pathway to healing and reigniting the Soulfire Woman within.



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