Signed Edition Club

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There is truly nothing more special than a book that has been signed by the author. I have a shelf on my bookcase dedicated to signed titles and I wouldn't part with any of them. Here is your chance to give the most thoughtful and unique gift of the season- a membership to our signed edition club. We're not always sure when the opportunity to get signed books will knock, but we can promise that over the next twelve months, your chosen recipient will recieve six newly released, hardback books all personally signed by the author. You won't find these autographed titles in any chain but as an independent bookstore we are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers. So if you've got a reader in your life, one who truly appreciates the craft of writing plus the finer things in life- there's really only one gift to give them this year- a Signed Edition Club membership. A card will be sent prior to December 25 announcing your gift. Price includes shipping.

*please note the books used in the accompanying photo are a sampling of signed books we received in 2017 and are not an indicator of what books we will offer in 2018.

Price: $175.00