Reflections by the Sea

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"At times, I can hear the beach summoning me to take a walk. On the colder days, I may find I am the only one walking the shore. Those times are the most enjoyable, as I find myself talking out loud to God, as though He is walking alongside me."  - "Walking in Faith" from Reflections by the Sea.

At a time when we are all searching for hope…allow Betsy Ore Glass to guide you back to the sea.  The ocean has always been a source of hope for this two-time cancer survivor.  Its majesty not only inspires her creative efforts but affirms her faith.  Now, your daily devotions can be enhanced by God’s word and Betsy’s unique style of writing, photography, and painting.  

Uplifting and encouraging, the passages in Reflections by the Sea provide guidance and lead you toward a deeper relationship with the Lord.  Through her writing, Betsy offers practical applications of God’s principles that create a blueprint for living a better life.  

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