The Lure of Sea Glass

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Richard LaMotte's beautiful book Pure Sea Glass was the first of its kind and has been a perennial best-seller at our stores for years. Our customers have enjoyed many events with Richard- signings, lectures, seaglass identification sessions- and have always had one question for him 'When are you going to write a second book?' We are pleased to say the wait is over and Richard's latest book on this ever elusive treasure is arriving in June 2015.

The Lure of Sea Glass is a much-awaited sequel to the ever-popular Pure Sea Glass book released in 2004. This elegant compilation reveals extraordinary stories that will inspire readers to continue their quest for coastal treasures and broaden their understanding of the history within their collections.

The artistry of Celia Pearson is once again featured with over 115 stunning photographs of sea glass from around the country. Her ability to capture the true essence and detail of these colorful gems has been recognized by several museums that retain a number of her sea-glass images in their permanent collections.

In addition to stories of healing by the sea, collections from 14 regions of the United States are profiled with background on why certain shards are likely to be found in those areas. The reader is presented with more aspects on shard identification and exposed to the role history plays in what is found along their shores.

A number of special, uncommon finds are profiled that should further entice beachcombers to renew their search for these rare collectibles. After exploring what really draws people to this wonderful pursuit, the book ultimately looks at the role of sea glass in our past, present, and future.


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