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This ticket entitles you to access to the Lisa Wingate SIBA Reader Meet Writer virtual author event on Thursday May 28 at 7pm. A link to the event will be emailed to you the day of the event. Please be sure to use the email you would like the link sent to when ordering. You will need to enter a valid credit card number in order for your purchase to process but your card will not be charged. Some credit cards have a security measure that prevents a zero charge. In that case, please try a debit card or another credit card or email us at Again, there will be no charge nor will the number be retained. You must select the 'no shipping needed' button!  

We look forward to 'seeing you' for this exciting evening event on May 28!

**or purchase of a copy of The Book Of Lost Friends which also gives access to the event. Please consider supporting writers and bookstores by purchasing Lisa's new book! 

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