2022 Pond Logo Long Sleeve

SKU: 071122b

We're also using this anniversary logo on a comfy 100% cotton District long sleeve tee. Loose fit with no wrist or waist ribbing makes us super happy! The Pond Logo was designed by Cottage staffer Gabrielle Sullivan. Gabrielle started working with us when she was a student with a passion for art at First Flight High School here on the Outer Banks. Gabrielle went on to receive a degree from VCU Arts in Richmond and has created several of our best-selling logos and stickers. This year's logo was inspired by our 100 year old Cottage and the pond on which it sits which provides so much entertainment not just for visitors to the Waterfront Shops but for us as well. We love watching the turtles, bullfrogs, wading birds and the annual return of the Purple Martins to our little pond. This is the long sleeve pond logo tee in white, available in five sizes. 

Price: $26.00