Remaking the Right (Paperback)

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Remaking the Right (Paperback)


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There is a feeling that our America is facing late-stage empire kind of issues, particularly when we do things that are so self-destructive and divisive at a time when our country is in real trouble economically. But what do the elites on the right only worry about? Cutting taxes and limiting government.

The goal of the right should not be to achieve tax cuts or deregulation. It should be to rebuild American families, restore American sovereignty, and revitalize American culture. We should care less about our current system's placing the individual above the society than about having families and communities grow and flourish. If all we care about is the individual, then we are hopelessly lost as a society.

For the right to succeed, it must reject the selfish individualism of our elites and, in order to rebuild our communities, embrace our obligations towards not just our neighbors but also to those that came before and those yet to come.

In Remaking the Right, Chris Chappelear argues that it's time to set aside the neoliberalism that has dominated the American right, restore the Anglo-American conservative traditions, and realign the right with populism in order to do what is best for the average American family.

Product Details ISBN: 9798985477993
Publisher: Long Pine Creek
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 248
Language: English