Fortune Telling with Playing Cards Oracle (Paperback)

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards Oracle By Angela Di Natale Cover Image

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards Oracle (Paperback)


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how can i read tarot with playing cards?

how dofortune tell the different cards combinations ?

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"Fortune Telling with Playing Cards Oracle".

"How to make Tarot Reading easy, with the Guidebook to real Folk Fortune Telling, Risk Free".

although there are very experienced titled authors on the subject, most of the material you can find online is not really reliable and trustworthy, since The Tarot is an ancient system of divination, but still presents many mysteries to the modern world.

Also, many people are intimidated by the complex symbolism of the Tarot, which makes it difficult for beginners to understand.
This is precisely why trying to learn the Tarot on your own can be frustrating and overwhelming.

With a Tarot reading, you might get insight into the present and future of your life, but you need help figuring out how to read the cards before you can do so.

Many books make it sound so complicated, which makes it more difficult for anyone who is just starting out.
If you are one of those people who has always been intrigued by tarot cards, but never had the time to dive in, this manual is for you.

In fact, this book is your introduction to tarot, with all the basics straight to the point with no unnecessary frills.

This handbook to tarot, specifically divination with Neapolitan trump cards dedicated to beginners is a guide that explains the different meanings of the cards and how each card represents something in your life.

It also includes examples on how to read tarot cards and share the readings with others.
This easy-to-follow guide teaches you all the basics, from what each card means, how they connect together. what they mean in different types of readings.

In short, everything you need to read tarot cards and how to use them to get help in everyday situations

...but what do I find inside the book?

the real complete guide to the meaning of all the Folk trumps cards

7 reading schemes of proven effectiveness suitable even for beginners

insights on numerology

...and much more

Thanks to this text the world of fortune telling will have no more secrets for you

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1) is this manual a practical guide suitable for everyone?

this text is designed to give you complete information on popular fortune telling with the neapolitan trump cards.
you can use this text as reference or study material, and you will also find many practical guides to start divination with the real witch folk italian cards right away.

2) are trumps cards as valid as tarot cards?

Inside this text you will find the history of tarot where you can learn how the Italian trump cards are directly descended from the tarot cards, in particular the Minor Arcana.
This does not mean that the trump cards are less effective.

On the contrary, thanks to the great experience of folk traditions, often the cartomancy with playing cards goes straight to the point without too many frills or new age interpretations...

3) Do I have to buy a specific deck to use the information of this text?

You can use any deck of playing cards that you can find in any store.
You can also use French cards or trumps cards, the only difference will be your skill with cards

if you want your future to have no more secrets for you
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Product Details ISBN: 9798201593988
Publisher: Angela Di Natale
Publication Date: May 18th, 2022
Pages: 146
Language: English