Do No Harm (Hardcover)

Do No Harm By Mary M. McNaughton Cover Image

Do No Harm (Hardcover)


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Robbed, Dr. Jessica Tinker's innocence was stolen like a thief in the night. She was sexually assaulted one night after leaving a party attended by a large crowd of doctors.

Tinker is fearless and brilliant as she relentlessly searches for the rapist with a tattoo of a Bald Eagle on his shoulder. This, however, opens a floodgate of crimes upon her when a child traffickers abduct her child.

Can the law enforcement with their serious efforts help Jessica find her child just in time? Or will she get in trouble when she plunges into uncertainty undertaking this search on her own?

Product Details ISBN: 9781970072051
ISBN-10: 1970072059
Publisher: New Leaf Media, LLC
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2018
Pages: 208
Language: English