2 Practice Tests for the Olsat Grade 2 (3rd Grade Entry) Level C: Gifted and Talented Prep Grade 2 for Otis Lennon School Ability Test (Paperback)

2 Practice Tests for the Olsat Grade 2 (3rd Grade Entry) Level C: Gifted and Talented Prep Grade 2 for Otis Lennon School Ability Test Cover Image
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This book contains two full-length OLSAT(R) Grade 1 Level C practice tests, which provide gifted and talented OLSAT test preparation.
The OLSAT Level C practice test is for:

2nd grade students applying for entry into Gifted and Talented 3rd Grade programs.

Using these practice tests will help prepare your child prepare for the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT(R)), an exam used for admission to many schools, including the California GATE program, some Gifted and Talented NYC schools, and other coveted programs for the education of the gifted.
What's Inside this OLSAT Grade 2 (Grade 3 Admissions) practice workbook?
Two full-length practice tests. Each practice test contains 60 OLSAT(R) practice questions covering all seven question types to help your child improve the logical and visual reasoning skills required to excel on the OLSAT(R).

This gifted workbook also includes:

Essential test prep strategies to help students avoid mistakes and achieve their best score.

Detailed descriptions of question types.

Answer Explanations and Bubble Sheets.

GATE book Grade 2 / NYC Gifted and Talented Grade 3 Programs

These practice tests can be used for GATE examination test prep to help your student qualify for gifted programs in California. They can also be used to prepare for NYC gifted testing programs.

Use our Grade 2 workbook to help your 2nd grader prepare to take gifted tests that assess whether she/he may be admitted into popular and competitive 3rd Grade Gifted and Talented programs.

Classroom Assessment

The OLSAT-B can also be used as an assessment tool by teachers to determine which students would benefit from an accelerated or remedial curriculum.

Why use our Gifted and Talented Test Prep books?

Our goal is to provide you with the very best OLSAT test prep materials, and the best value for your money. We created our test prep material because we could not find enough good practice material to effectively prepare students for gifted and talented tests. As tutors and teachers, we have used various test prep books and have found that they either have an incorrect difficulty level or are overly expensive. After studying original materials from test creators and testing them on children, we are confident our materials and tests reflect the real OLSAT(R) Level C practice test both in difficulty and in structure.

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT(R)) is a registered trademark of are registered trademarks of NCS Pearson. NCS Pearson was not involved in the production of, nor endorses, this practice test created by Origins Publications and the Gifted and Talented OLSAT Test Prep team.

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