Withershynnes: In The Dark (Paperback)

Withershynnes: In The Dark By Susanna M. Newstead Cover Image

Withershynnes: In The Dark (Paperback)


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Wiltshire - in the years 1200 - 1212

★ Upon the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day, upon her thirteenth birthday Mabel Wetherspring discovers that she is a shapeshifter ★

Just three turns to withershynnes and Mabel can be a bat, a bird, a butterfly, a horse, any creature she likes; and it is joyous

But one day when she accidentally turns into a fly, Mabel stumbles on the corpse of a murdered man in the forest.

Can Mabel work out who has killed him? Should she use this supranatural power to investigate his death? She quickly realises she's uniquely placed to spy on her neighbours; to dig for deception, consider clues, track down the truth and find the felon.

After an attempt on her life, she meets the charming Sir Gabriel Warrener who is charged by their overlord with protecting Mabel, as a woman.

Mabel wonders who is protecting whom?

Beginning her career in detecting, Mabel naively propels herself into a dangerous world where any wrong move might be her last

Can she find the murderer before they find her?

♥ Follow this, Mabel's first adventure as she scurries, leaps, flies or swims in search of the truth.♥

Product Details ISBN: 9781909237094
ISBN-10: 1909237094
Publisher: Heresy Publishing
Publication Date: September 30th, 2021
Pages: 252
Language: English