The Andy Griffith Show Complete Trivia Guide: Trivia, Quotes & Little Know Facts (Paperback)

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"The Andy Griffith Show" is as much a part of the country's fabric as baseball and apple pie. Even 58 years later, the show is as fresh as the day it first aired back in 1960 (oops, there's a free answer to one of the questions). The show continues to teach important life lessons to each new generation. Whether to take life more slowly and enjoy the ride from "Man in a Hurry" or that the grass isn't always greener, from the episode when Howard moves to the Caribbean. "The Complete Trivia Guide to the Andy Griffith Show" is a collection of some of my favorite questions about the show, the characters and the actors. Scattered throughout the book are pictures of Andy's boyhood home and the original desk from the show. Plus you will discover a few other surprise pictures. The Andy Griffith Show has been the standard in "feel good, family television viewing" for more than a half a century. The lessons that Sheriff Andy Taylor passed down to Opie are timeless and are still as relevant today as they were back then.Take a trip back to Mayberry. Back to a simpler time of life with "Complete Trivia Guide of The Andy Griffith Show." Guaranteed to bring back a lot of great memories This is the compilation of my earlier Volume I & Volume II put into 1 single book. Get both Volumes in one place.
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