Thalamus: C24 (Paperback)

Thalamus: C24 By Patrick E. Douglas Cover Image

Thalamus: C24 (Paperback)


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Society is on the verge of an epic financial collapse as people have been living on borrowed money for far too long. Banks, credit card companies and hospitals have all started to bail on those who rely the
most on making payments for services. The poor sell their body parts for money in hopes of buying time in an effort to keep afloat financially. The rich face the very real threat of kidnapping and imprisonment by a ruthless crime syndicate that turns them into credit cards. No one is safe and financial security is an illusion.

Rick and Emily Rocha are no strangers to the debt struggle but are about to be tested beyond compare. Their nine year-old son, Norman, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. With no funds to pay the extreme cost of treatment required to fix Norman, the family is given one choice - euthanasia. The Rochas are allotted two weeks to say their goodbyes and plan a deathday party for their son. If they choose to run, they face the extreme child abuse laws set in place to deter people from doing so. Run and they will face the myriad of bounty hunters ready
to destroy scofflaws. The choices made will be difficult and regrettable. On a collision course with ArenasCorp and its psychotic leader, Gordon Munich, the Rochas face a future nightmare far worse than just losing a child.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733701976
ISBN-10: 1733701974
Publisher: Get It Factory
Publication Date: April 25th, 2019
Pages: 296
Language: English