A Touch of Malice (Paperback)

A Touch of Malice By Kari Lee Townsend Cover Image

A Touch of Malice (Paperback)


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The universe has aligned and things are finally going well for introverted OCD fashion designer, Kalli Ballas. Her lingerie line is a big success, she's living on her own for the first time, and dating Detective Nik Stevens doesn't stress her out thanks to her mind-reading ability. Her prissy calico cat and his sloppy St. Bernard have even called a truce. But when her biological mother shows up unexpectedly during the Fall Harvest Festival, looking for a handout, Kalli's life gets turned upside down once again.

Kalli's adopted Greek Ma thinks her biological mother gave her The Evil Eye. The Greek superstition says if someone wants you to be ill or have bad luck, they think evil thoughts and give you the evil eye, and you end up with a headache and bad luck. Ma starts having migraines and a string of horrible luck, the worst being when Kalli's birth mother winds up dead and her Ma becomes the number one suspect. Kalli must put dating her Dreamy Detective on hold and use her ability to look into her birth mother's shady past in order to clear her Ma's name, so the pieces of Kalli's life can fall blissfully into place once more.

Product Details ISBN: 9781648393105
ISBN-10: 1648393101
Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 234
Language: English