Blood Virus: A Pandemic by Design (Hardcover)

Blood Virus: A Pandemic by Design By L. A. Hollis Cover Image

Blood Virus: A Pandemic by Design (Hardcover)


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Thousands are dying and many more sickened as an unknown virus runs rampant through Western Africa. Its victims experience a violent death within a few days of exposure, so the CDC jumps in before the virus can become a global pandemic. They send their best man, Dr. Lennox Richards of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, to ground zero in Benin.

Lennox heads up an international team of top specialists with the intent of identifying and possibly developing a vaccine to halt the virus's progress. However, there's a problematic variable: the virus is ethno-specific, killing only blacks and leaving others with nothing more than a common cold. As an African American, the stakes have suddenly changed for Dr. Lennox Richards.

The good doctor has yet to realize a more sinister plot is being waged, with Benin as the initial test site for the bioengineered killer. A lethal plan is in effect to expose the world's ethnic groups to a virus specific to their particular race-in other words, the implementation of an ethnic bomb.

With time running out and no cure in sight, will Dr. Lennox Richards be able to stay alive and halt the doomsday scenario that looms close at hand?

Product Details ISBN: 9781491793695
ISBN-10: 1491793694
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 200
Language: English