Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding Its Future (Paperback)

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Democracy in Decline is an examination by the ′father of modern marketing′ into how a long cherished product (democracy) is failing the needs of its consumers (citizens).

Philip Kotler identifies 14 shortcomings of today's democracy and confronts this gloomy outlook with some potential solutions and a positive message; that a brighter future awaits if we can come together and save democracy from its decline. Encouraging readers to join the conversation, exercise their free speech and get on top of the issues that affect their lives regardless of nationality or political persuasion.

Suitable for students across a broad range of courses including Political Science, Politics, Political Marketing and Critical Management/Sociology.

An accompanying website ( invites those interested to help find and publish thoughtful articles that aid our understanding of what is happening and what can be done to improve democracies around the world.

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ISBN: 9781473980501
ISBN-10: 147398050X
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Publication Date: August 30th, 2016
Pages: 224
Language: English