Compendium of Magical Things: Communicating with the Divine to Create the Life of Your Dreams (Paperback)

Compendium of Magical Things: Communicating with the Divine to Create the Life of Your Dreams By Radleigh Valentine Cover Image

Compendium of Magical Things: Communicating with the Divine to Create the Life of Your Dreams (Paperback)


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A friendly guide to a wide array of divination tools, both ancient and modern, from internationally known spiritual teacher and author Radleigh Valentine.

With a little help from the angels and a dash of fairy dust, Radleigh Valentine invites you to find your perfect "language" for communicating with the Universe to manifest your most cherished dreams! This simple how-to guide explores different divination tools, also known as oracles, which are simply methods of getting clarity and assistance from Source. You'll learn the basics of working with the magic of angels, fairies, tarot and oracle cards, Lenormand, runes, pendulums, the I Ching, astrology, numerology, meditation, and mantras--all delivered with Radleigh's gentle sense of humor and deft way of making complicated topics easy to understand.

With each turn of a card, swing of a pendulum, or chanted mantra, your eyes will be opened to the brightness and the vastness of the Universe. Release your fears and see again through the universal language of laughter that . . . life really is magic!
An internationally known spiritual teacher and author, Radleigh Valentine has spoken at more than 70 events in 10 countries since 2012, including over a dozen Hay House "I Can Do It" events. Radleigh is also a regular participant of the annual Hay House World Summit and a frequent speaker at the Angel World Summit in London and Engelkongress in Germany and Austria.
His Hay House Radio show, Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine, is a mixture of teaching through laughter and poignant readings for listeners. His very popular video show, Ask Rad!, streams on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously each week

Product Details ISBN: 9781401951221
ISBN-10: 1401951228
Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: December 4th, 2018
Pages: 208
Language: English
“Radleigh Valentine will take you on a fun and fabulous tour to explore the many ways we can dialogue with the Divine. A must-read for beginners and those just peeking out of the mystical closet as well as die-hards who want a reference guide to everything from angels and faeries to divination tools, meditation, and mantras—all in one magical place! Hop on for the ride of your life.”
— Colette Baron-Reid, spiritual intuitive, founder of Oracle School, and author of many best-selling oracle decks and books

“I love this book. If you could choose only one book to activate magic in your life, this should be it! You will soar into the stars with Radleigh Valentine’s excellent advice and wisdom, offered in practical, easy-to-understand ways. This lovely tome is filled with grace and love from an author who truly understands the mystical path. Highly recommended!”
— Denise Linn, author of Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life

“In this masterpiece, Radleigh Valentine collects his inspired insights on every major tool I’ve ever heard of to help make your life a dream come true—the way it’s meant to be. This is an absolute must-have in every home library.”
— Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities

Compendium of Magical Things provides readers with delightful step-by-step instructions for deciphering the language of the Divine. Even better, its magical author Radleigh Valentine teaches you how to bring more wonder and fun into your life. Whether you relate to angels, synchronicity, tarot cards, runes, or other oracles—or just want to learn how to have an intimate conversation with Source energy—it’s all here and presented in a most irresistible way. Read this book!”
— Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age

“No matter what room Radleigh Valentine walks into, he lights it up. He really does live a magical life and has the incredible gift of showing others how they can too. He distills this knowledge in his book Compendium of Magical Things, an accessible guide to tapping into your inner gifts, unlocking magic in your life, and creating your own destiny. Radleigh is a bright light to this world, and I am grateful to call him a dear f r iend.”
— Kyle Gray, best-selling author of Raise Your Vibration and Angel Prayers

“In Compendium of Magical Things, Radleigh Valentine has done what he does best: make complicated things easy to understand. Whether you’re looking for a closer connection to your angels or ways to get answers to your prayers and meditations, you’ll find all that and more in this book. Radleigh combines his poignant insights with laugh-out-loud moments, describing magical oracles in an approachable, intriguing way. Consider the Compendium your mystical field guide to the Divine!”
— Rebecca Campbell, best-selling author of Rise Sister Rise and Light Is the New Black

“Just as Radleigh Valentine delights audiences with his sparkly shoes, outfits, and personality, he manages to do the same with words. I can feel the depth of his knowledge and experience as he shares about each modality with ease and humor . . . as well as a bit of sparkly magic, Radleigh-style. The time he spends on the history and usage of each of these magical divination tools enables the reader to feel into what would be best for them—and it would make a nonbeliever a little curious! Most of all, I appreciate the organization of the material and the great attention Radleigh has given each piece of this. Compendium of Magical Things will be a great handbook for seekers that will stand the test of time.”
— Joan Ranquet, animal communicator, author, and founder of Communication with All Life University