Adulting for Jesus: A Book about Purpose, Trusting God, and (Obviously) Burritos (Paperback)

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Is adulthood a curse? What should I do with all these participation trophies? As young adults try to figure things out and answer deep, soul-heavy questions, they’re given flak for living in “extended adolescence.” In a world that insists we can (and should) have it all, Adulting for Jesus uses humor to offer topical advice and encouragement for those who are asking, “Is this really all there is?”
Develop realistic expectations and a healthy, godly outlook on life for:
  • relationships
  • calling
  • blessings
  • serving
  • sabbath
  • social media
  • anxiety
Readers will find that by learning to laugh at themselves and find humor in situations, the reduced stress and anxiety makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Most importantly, the more young adults learn about God and see His faithfulness in their lives, the more they grow to love His will, even if it’s not exactly what they imagined.

About the Author

Kristin Weber is a comedian, author, and speaker who travels the country sharing stories about the realities of life. While she doesn’t possess the things her generation has been told they need to be joyful (professional success, marriage, kids), she finds her life today incredibly fulfilling and wouldn’t trade it. Kristin resides in Atlanta. She plays the accordion, so she is still single.

Praise For…

“This is an amazing book, and will speak to anyone who is trying to find their way in life or anyone who loves such a one. I’m asked to read dozens of books a year for endorsements, and this is the first time I’ve ever sent one to my twenty-something daughter telling her she has to read it. As you dive in, you will find the same thing I have in sharing the stage with Kristin at many women’s conferences: she is both hilariously funny and profoundly insightful.”
— Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher, bestselling author

“Kristin’s hilarious musings and mishaps as a not-yet-arrived young adult and reluctant singleton are in full form here. But it’s her honest admission of some very real doubts and struggles that sets this book apart. Will God really take care of me? If I ever get married, will I still be loved? Shouldn’t my life be more exciting than this? In her angst, she takes us straight to God’s Word for answers. If you need new motivation (and legit practical tips) for getting unstuck in a few areas of your life, get this book.”
— Lisa Anderson, director of

“Funny, inspiring, and all-around amazing! Those are the words Kristin used to describe me when asking that I read her book. Turns out she didn’t need to butter me up because the book is awesome. I will never look at Jesus or a burrito the same way.”
— Bob Smiley, comedian

“Kristin Weber is amazing. Not only because she plays the accordion, a skill that she notes has propelled her from rags to nicer rags, but because she is very, very funny. Funny in a vulnerable kind of way that catches you off-guard and opens you up to her practical, wise advice about growing into adulthood. I hope Adulting for Jesus becomes a classic for the millennial generation and those who love them and live with them.”
— Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries

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ISBN: 9780830781850
ISBN-10: 0830781854
Publisher: David C Cook
Publication Date: February 1st, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English