During the 2020 Pandemic, Outer Banks photographer Wes Snyder released his first collection of photography- Journey Through The Outer Banks. His book became an instant best-seller and was one of our top selling books for 2020. Wes' eye is phenomenal and the images he captures from all over our beautiful shores are stunning. A signed hardback edition makes a lovely gift or keepsake- Wes will be with us Friday, July 30 from 2pm-4pm greeting friends, meeting fans and signing Journey Through the Outer Banks

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Coconut Crunch

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Coconut Crunch is the signature flavored coffee here at Duck's Cottage and has been our best-selling coffee since the day we opened. Featuring a sweet aroma, medium body and the most subtle taste of coconut and caramel, you won't find Coconut Crunch anywhere else on the Outer Banks but you will find it here- freshly brewed and available in 12 ounce bags ready to make the trip home with you! Can't get here? We'll get it to you- we ship within the 48 contiguous states!


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